For those with interest in...

The Practise(s) of Meditation.
(various approaches) 

Tips to create a wellness routine ideal to YOUR personal preferences and individual ideals.

Let's talk about...
  • Meditation Masters
  • Ayurvedic Approaches
  • Buddha Perspectives
  • Emotional Balance
  • Home vs Group Experiences
  • Where and how to find a tribe/source that resonates with your personal place, at this particular time?

Simpy explore further... 

Personal Growth via Spirituality 

Let's talk about...

  • The Spirit world and how non physical energies may help heal aspects of your inner self that needs immediate attention.

  • Discuss "unseen" energies. What does it "feel" like?  How do I trust what I don't see? And more questions answered with sensibility, sincerity and mindfully.

  • Learn about dimensions of awareness, levels of emotional Intelligence and understanding basic brain function. 

  • Universal Laws of Energy and how to FLOW with them rather than against.

Simply engage deeper...

Emotional Balance
(stress management)

Helping you narrow the vast and various potentials available to you.  Tailoring to your COMFORT zone and INDIVIDUAL interests. Finding the BEST help for YOU at this time. 

Tips on how to "do therapy" and getting the best out of this vital personal investment.

A healer is not someone that you go to for healing.
A healer is someone that triggers within you , your own ability to heal yourself.

Offering over 20+ years of researched referrals and sources that make the growing sincerity collective including and not limited to: Holistic & Alternative Therapists, online Wellness sources, Master Energy Healers, Spiritual Guides (non-religious) and many other vibrational tools, treatments and techniques all uniquely effective for the alignment of oneself and deepening the connection within.   Helping you find the help you need at this time, within your personal preferences and individual wellnessideals.

Skype Sessions or  In-Person Meetings
By Donation and Appointment Only
Please call between the hours of M-F. 10-4p 

Dimensions of Wellness...
You Spirit Body...

Are you feeling disconnected from your family, friends and/or the path you are currently living?

Let's explore deepening connections, answering big questions and the depth of your self trust.

Your Emotional Body...

Are you over thinking,
under doing
and not "being"?

Become aware of YOUR moods, mental states and how you are normally feeling. 

Get out of your head and into heart.

Your Intellectual Body...

Do you say or hear from others "Get out of your head.  You think too much?"

Let's talk patterns of habits, reasons for being and go to reactions. Master awareness in emotion vs reaction, it's a doozy!

I can help.

Your Physical Body...

Are you clumsy, seemingly always getting hurt? Unexplained body aches?

Learn how Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi & Qi Gong help the mind body connection.

Grounding yourself into your body takes practice.

Simply explore further 647-504-4301

If you are in mental and/or emotional crises PLEASE contact the ideal source to help you. 


A Toronto source for those needing a deep dive help into mood disorders or mental health concerns.

Immediate suicide prevention and support. Connect with someone now. Call toll free 1.833.456.4566

An amazing Toronto source for YOUTH Mental Health Solutions. Ideal for TEEN stress and depression.

Kids could use a sincere, outside perspective. Don't be shy in offering this option for them or their friends. 


Awareness + Action = Achievement

“Live presently, breathe consciously, produce responsibly, impress daily, behave pleasantly, express nicely, inspire regularly, walk peacefully, think fluidly, dream constantly, achieve progressively, evolve ethically, guide instinctively, act authentically and engage with…sincerity.”

Guiding you well