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Good 2 Know

Studies show after 90 days of consistent attention on "something", you'll begin to see a natural shift and transformation towards it. 

Being with "it" will become more effortless...but! You must invest the time, integrity and focus with your intentions, words and actions. 

There is always where to start? How to keep evolving? What is happening? Finding peace and passion in the questioning allows you to move forward and deeper into yourself to find YOUR answers.

Becoming more aware of time and patience with yourself is vital, this is not easy stuff here! If you commit, you will be SHIFTING years of let's call it poor programming.   

Many attempts will follow, failure will happen and success' will follow.  Each moment leaning you into a deeper trust and a textured connection to source energy within yourself.

If your feelings are severe, long duration and too overwhelming to recover from, please source clinical certified help.  IF YOU ARE IN MENTAL CRISIS. AND IN CANADA PLEASE USE LINK PROVIDED

Mind YOUR thoughts

"You are most listened to by universal energy."

 Self awareness...
10 Statements to ponder

1. Breathe...with focused intent, deep gratitude and with inner knowing while standing or sitting, simply notice your state of "be"ing. 

2. Bringing your attention to the present moment.  Let emotional rises from past and/or future thoughts pass (by not adding questions to them).  The mind can be unreliable, brilliant but not dependable.  You may astound yourself in how much you veer from the PRESENT moment when you begin to notice when and IF your current emotional state matches the present moment you are experiencing. 

This AWARENESS takes DEEP focus and MUCH attention.  To not BE overpowered by one's emotional reaction is a life long process.  Be patient, mostly with yourself, as you will catch yourself wondering out of the present moment, ALOT. But rest assured, it gets easier on all levels.

3. Try again. Be in the NOW. Really NOW. Again...Again...Again. Wiggle your toes often to remind yourself that you are connected to earth, nature and source energy. Literally at all times, by feet or are connected.

4. "They say" takes 16 seconds before thought becomes an energetic influence. If it is a negative thought, snap your fingers to break the energy of it.  Create a positive version. Repeat when necessary.  Which is often.  Consider the "repeating" the building of the new healthy habit.

5. It takes 68 seconds to begin manifesting universal force. So, once committed to a positive thought, hold on to it. Avoid being in an emotional hurry or a mental rush. 

6. Energy greets anyone before words do. Take responsibility for yours and let others be in theirs.  STAY in YOUR energetic state...especially if the other's is not pleasant.  Pay attention, STAY in YOUR emotional lane. 

7.  Allowing people  to be who ever they are at the moment they are with you is a step towards finding inner peace.  Releasing expectations, dismantling mental triggers and widening your perspectives allows beingnessStop resisting the "what is" and "who they are".  It is as is at this time.  Say it again.  It is as is at this time.

8.  Master healthy self-expression...a lack of boundaries will invite a lack of respect. 

9.   Learn to HEAL yourself.  Science now shows you are capable.  Believe it freely, surely and sincerely.  Let us guide you well into your SELF CARE routine.

10. Be the the yourself (not your trauma layered self...your healing self)


Pay attention to  YOUR instincts and gut feelings.

An innovative way to help you with the process of becoming present...Ever thought of using tarot as a guide for self awareness? Tune into your inner knowing.  And LISTEN!

Click on this for an online tarot session that is as inspiring as it is impressive. Enjoy.  I do daily!

OSHO is a world leader in meditation and SELF HELP offerings. This is simply ONE of MANY offerings.  Explore the world of OSHO

Mind YOUR 

YOUR reasons and reactions. 

"It takes devotion to oneself to shift reactions that no longer serve the present you"

Mind your vocabulary...

how you talk,  what you say,  how you say it. 

mind your tone, intention and energetic engagement with your WORDS.

Sadhguru shares how human memory explains our actions, intentions, and patterns. When you are repetitive you can NOT be receptive.  Enjoy!  Under 11 Minutes

Learn "Why you do What you do" on a brain function level.
1 hr long but worth it!

Fear leading you?...Insights from a few masters of life!
Under 13 minutes.

A well established Toronto source for lessons in the mastery of mending oneself from dysfunctional family dynamics. Check out her on pointvideo's, books and more for relationship success. Victoria has been guiding sincerity clients for over 10+years in our private curated events.

Victoria Lorient-Faibish

Victoria's YouTube Channel is a plentiful source of video's for emotional awareness .  Grab a tea and explore talk therapy and beyond.  Start here. About 30 minutes each.

Learn more about VIctoria and her amazing energy and passion in guiding people to stop perpetuating the cycles and patterns of dysfunction from being passed on to the next generation.

There are many influential & impressive Guides, Masters and Guru's available to all. 

Explore with..sincerity

Mind YOUR personality

Click on the image and take the 15 minute test to complete this fascinating self discovery experience.
This is simply  one innovative tool to begin exploring yourself, your type and your tendencies.

What  and how YOU "do"

At 37 languages, this test is the most translated major personality test on the internet.  Let's discuss what surfaced for you after the test.  Learn more 1on1

Do you find yourself in disagreements?   Gain a new perspective towards peace and balance.  Under 6 minutes.

Trust...Here is a short talk about the difference between feelings and intuition. Under 26 minutes.

Mind YOUR Mindset

"All human  experience is
generated from within"

From stressed filled flows to calm core being. 

How?  Start with your mind set!

This video's message on the ease of finding our own power. Under 13 minutes.

Great question...better answer!   Under 10 minutes.

How to break the habit of excessive thinking!  Under 12 minutes.

Mind YOUR Vibe 

"You are 100% responsible for your STATE of BEING at all times"

Music for Alignment.

If these YOUTUBE links are not appealing, there are so many to choose from.  Have ANY ideal to you playing in the background, or low if not totally appealing.  You'll still benefit from the influencing vibes.

174 Hertz  Removes Pain
285 Hertz  Influences Energy
396 Hertz  Ease Fear and Guilt

417 Hertz  Clear Negativity
639 Hertz  Release Anger & Attract Love
741 Hertz  Awakens Intuition
963 Hertz  Connects with Light & Spirit energy.

Meditative Mind a YouTube source with over 1M subscriber's. Their  #1 Video with over 14 million views. 528 Hz

Their chanting video is ideal for background when in sitting pose. Influencing you and the energy of your surroundings including plants, pets and people.

Manifesting money music from another sincere YouTube source. Explore their amazing catalog of soundsfor well being. 852Hz


Mind YOUR wants.

Have momentarily attention on YOUR ENERGY, YOUR TRUE intentions and YOUR ACTUAL manifestations.  

Ignite your awareness in what you are emitting.

Time to pay attention to your intentions, your energy and the manifestation frequency you put forth.  Note the ones you know about and the one's you don't.  This channeled wisdom tackles the bigness that is SELF REALIZATION and Manifestation. 
Buckle Up!...and smile.
This is AMAZING stuff!

Start with these videos here...but if you want to dive deeper check out Abraham Hicks or 1on1

Under 13 minutes.


Mind YOUR Emotions

Have you considered how your emotional state influences your entire system?

This is a game changer when it comes to the MIND BODY CONNECTION!.

Let your emotions make you aware of your physical being. Listen to the preview!

Decoding the Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Messages that Underlie Health

To start...

Stubbornness, Short rigid thoughts, usually opinion based belief that don't serve the present moment.

Mental stress, trying to fill the “hero” role.

Upper – abandonment, lack of emotional support, holding back love.
Mid – Guilt, Shame, judgments of past actions. Lower- Money issue, lack of trust and support.

Able to change directions and be open to new experiences. Ease of movement in life changes.

Fear of change, moving forward.  Hopelessness.

Inability to trust, needing to "know" the next step.

How to cope with powerful emotions!
Powerful wisdom
Under 13 minutes.


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