Awareness + Action = Achievement

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Studies show after 21 days of consistent attention on "something", you'll begin to see a natural shift and transformation towards it.  Being with "it" will become more effortless...but! You must invest the time, integrity and focus with your words, actions and intentions.

Becoming more tolerant of time and yourself is vital, this is not easy stuff here! You are trying to SHIFT years of let's say...poor programming.   A few attempts will follow, it is "the" learning that creates your transformation.

Efforts to surface and shift FALSE and TOXIC belief's conditioned into your body, mind (not your soul though) which is great news.  Because your core...your inner all you really need to lead your life in balance, abundance and joy. 

Being patient, positive and LOVING with your self is of priority. the way "they" also say...after 90 days of FOCUS, it can become a natural new memory in motion.

Shift Your
Mind Set

"All human 

experience is


from within"


Let's discuss all things that may help you shift your inner voice.

From negative self talk to positive "new" mindsets, from stressed filled flows to calm core being. 

Print friendly files to help you  learn/absorb YOUR "new" wisdom on a daily basis.

Call to explore these self care offerings.   

Time for a quick read? These sourced  articles offer their own insights and awareness.

This video's message on the ease of finding our own power.


Explore your

"It takes devotion to oneself to shift reactions that no longer serve the present you"


All things to help you understand "Why we do what we do". 

How do we best shift awareness and NON-aware habits? 

How to create a deeper sense of balance and personal joy.

Which patterns do you recognize, which are you blind in?

How are your reactions influencing your state of being?

Let's explore YOUR awareness in YOUR reasons and reactions. 

Want something now?

Sadhguru shares how human memory explains our actions, intentions, and patterns. When you are repetitive you can NOT be receptive.  Enjoy!

The 5 senses and our perceptions influence our over-all function.  He shares how your mind is 60% of your destiny and more fascinating insights . 


Create your vibe 

"You are 100% responsible for your STATE of BEING at all times, not matter what is happening outside of you"

Music for Alignment.

Call me to chat about learning how tones influence your vibrations.

Start your exploration below...

174 Hertz    Removes Pain

285 Hertz    Influences Energy  

396 Hertz  Ease Fear and Guilt

417 Hertz  Clear Negativity

432 Hertz  Tone of Nature

528 Hertz  Repairs DNA

639 Hertz  Release Anger & Attract Love

741 Hertz  Awakens Intuition

852 Hertz  Attracts Soul Tribe

963 Hertz  Connects with Light & Spirit energy.

The above are YOUTUBE links.  If these tones are not appealing, there are so many to choose from.  Have them playing in the background, on low if not appealing yet required. Enjoy the influencing vibes of balance.

Meditative Mind a YouTube source with over 1M subscriber's. Their  #1 Video with over 14 million views. 528 Hz

Their chanting video is ideal for background when in sitting pose. Influencing you and the energy of your surroundings including plants, pets and people.

Manifesting money music from another sincere YouTube source. Explore their amazing catalog of sound for well being. 852Hz


Create YOUR inner language

"You are most

listened to by 

YOUR body"

 11 STATEMENTS for self influence...

1. Breathe...with intent and knowing.

2. BE in the present with yourself, others and the universe.

3. Try again. Be in the NOW. Really NOW.

4. Be the change.

5.It takes 16 seconds before a thought becomes an influence.

6. It takes 68 seconds to begin manifesting universal force.

7. Smile...seriously, it is that freak'n easy.  Don't belittle its powerful effect.

8.  Let people be who they are, release expectations, attachments & beliefs.

9.  Master self expression...a lack of boundaries will invite a lack of respect.

10. Energy greets anyone before words do.

11.  Heal yourself. Science now shows you can.  Believe it freely, surely and sincerely.

Awareness + Action = Achievement

“Live mindfully, breathe consciously, produce responsibly, impress daily, behave pleasantly, express nicely, inspire regularly, walk peacefully, think presently, dream constantly, achieve progressively, evolve ethically, guide instinctively, act authentically and engage with…sincerity.”

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