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These links, sources and content hope to inspire: inner balance, outer joy and widened wisdom.

Please note, these are for educational purposes only. No formal business relations with any of the below links are in place with at this time.  This page is updated monthly.  Check back often. 

Enjoy your SELF HELP moment with...sincerity. 

This is it my friends...a close cousin to my vision for sincerity centres.  I tried out the Salt Cave experience and will continue to explore more of their offerings in the coming months.  I suggest, if you are in the mood to explore something of substance, have a visit to this place!  You'll get find yourself attracted to the vibe of this place, I sure did.  

430 adelaide street west toronto  -  click on logo for link.

Looking for a sincere source in traditional Yoga yet with a modern approach.

A local TORONTO bookstore close to U of T offering an impressive selection of Mental Health Books. 

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Modern wisdom on how to shift into a positive pattern from one of the most established contemporary Channelers.  Enjoy your "wow" moment. Learn about Abraham-Hicks

If you want to experience a local version...
Gail Scott, a Toronto resident channels "The Alaster Group". She offers wisdom much like Abraham Hicks.  Want to have your question answered?
Learn more

Below is a link on a personal life shifting course, specific for anyone yearning for personal expansion.  Learn the science behind energetic health. This is one of those life actions where you will see the results immediately and so will those surrounding you. No words I write will capture the influence this has had on me as an individual, except that I, am no longer one.  I am all.  I wish this "awareness" for your being as well.

The story of Sadhguru... Click here!
Actually not just the story, but his...sincerity!

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my favourite is...#8!

One of the best introductory Mediation Apps around.  Try the 10 day FREE VERSION!  
One of MANY potentials to help find your inner peace...
Learn about the future of humanity with technology .  This is an eye opener!
Trust...the difference between feelings  and intuition.
Great question...better answer!  Where do thoughts come from?
How to cope with powerful emotions!
How to break the habit of excessive thinking!   
Faith?  Want to move mountains?  Check out this perspective on life and faith.
Do you find yourself in disagreements?   Gain a new perspective towards peace and balance.
Expectations, Attachments & how to manage  mental rises?  Get untangled mentally. 
Willingness,  learn to "do" in a healthy balanced way.
A talk about success, money and social perspectives about "serivce".
Clarity on whether to make choices from your heart or head?

Weightless" by Marconi Union.

In collaboration with therapists from the British Academy of Sound Therapy. The carefully arranged harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines help slow a listener's heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower the stress hormone cortisol.
Fear leading you?...Insights from a few masters of life!
it's a good one for clarity on asking and receiving forgiveness!
This is an extensive series ideal for those fascinated with BRAIN function.
Learn "Why you do What you do" on a brain function level.
Another great is a sample, but they have lots of options.
Easy peasy...break it down to baby steps! Great for kids.
Anxiety Help!
This centre's 8 week course for stress & anxiety is covered by most insurance carriers.

Sincere extra's...

A spiritualists Netflix.
An overall healing tone.
Love Languages 101
Love Language 102

Sincere books...

The 5 Tibetan Rites
Youth & Rejuvenation.  

Starting with 5 sets
up to 21 max.

Become conscious of your water consumption.

Background sounds...

“Live mindfully, breathe consciously, produce responsibly, impress daily, behave pleasantly, express nicely, inspire regularly, walk peacefully, think presently, dream constantly, achieve progressively, evolve ethically, guide instinctively, act authentically and engage with…sincerity.”