Looking for help on how to help yourself?

One on One Exploratory Sessions

Trust is vital when selecting a guide, master or therapist.

"There is no single person, system, or philosophy which will serve ALL of you.  There will be MANY teachings, tools and techniques that will help you along with your well BEING.

We'll discuss which modality, treatment, therapy may resonate BEST with you at THIS time.  

Available online or in-person. 
Starting at $188.00 for 88 minutes  
Please set up an online appointment. 

After our session, and within 10 days, receive a 3 page digital file which includes: Tailored To Do's, researched studies to support suggested actions, sensible online links and actions tailored to your specific inquiries.

Let's create SELF CARE actions that suits your current lifestyle.   1-647-504-4301

Guiding you well.

Check out a sample for a  "Pre-surgery Good to Know" includes: Studies, sources and recommended specialists with...sincerity.

Simply explore further.


Guiding you Well


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